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Jul 2013 06

Ava was a totally natural and quite stunning girl, but boy was she a lot of trouble. When she saw the price, she tried to run off without paying. I ran after her and grabbed her and told her we’d be going to the police station or she could be a good girl and let me fuck her. It was no contest for her. I could tell she was already feeling turned on by all of the action. When she took her clothes off oh my god. What a beauty and she fucked like a pro. It made me wonder because she really got into the sex and played with her wet little pussy while I shot my load all over her sweet hole.


  1. Curious Georgie says:

    Oh my god, the London driver sounds so sexy, and I would do anything to see his face… Actually I’d do anything for him to fuck me too. What does a girl need to do to see a pic???

  2. Johsua says:

    OMG ! I wanna Fuck that bitch !

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