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Jul 2013 07

I couldn’t believe it when Iva jumped in my cab that night. This beautiful brunette was truly one of the most gorgeous female specimens I’d ever laid eyes on and she seemed more sophisticated than most of the girls I pick up in my fake taxi, so I had to think. I came up with a game and I told her she could “win” money in my cab. I threw her some softball trivia questions and led her to believe she had won some money, then I told her she could win some real money if she sucked my dick. Well, a few minutes later and she had her lips wrapped around my cock. This lovely girl eventually let me fuck her six ways from Sunday and cum all over her beautiful tits! I love


  1. charlemagne says:

    I love faketaxi..itz amazing to watch..

  2. charlemagne says:

    Love to see every episode..

  3. rony says:

    i like fake taxi

  4. albert says:

    want to try charlemagne

  5. Archie says:

    I love fake taxi i just wish i could watch and download many episode

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