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Jul 2013 25

Check out this full 14 minute video! While driving in my taxi, I saw Enza standing on the side of the road. I pulled over and I could immediately tell that she was quite upset about something. After talking for a few minutes, she said that her piece of shit boyfriend had cheated on her, and this was the third time. I could tell she was in the mood for revenge, so I joked that we should go back to my cab and give him a taste of his own medicine. I told her I had a camera and that we could record ourselves having sex in my back seat of my taxi and send it to him on a DVD. I thought she would tell me to fuck right off, but instead she thought it was a great idea and almost started taking her clothes off right there! This girl was pissed off and horny and there was no need for any of my typical fake taxi hijinx here. She was really wet right from the start and she got the pleasure of a lifetime with my fat dick in her tight little pussy and her revenge was sweet. I didn’t fare too poorly on the deal either!

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  1. ajim says:

    i want to see full video

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