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Jul 2013 06

Wow. That’s about all I can say to this one. We’re in London and the girls here can be pretty rude and dirty but beautiful blonde Lexi is a whole new level. She didn’t even hesitate when we asked her if she’d be willing to work off her cab fare in sex in the back of the fake taxi. She was sucking the drivers cock before he even knew what was happening. He finishes off by shooting a huge load of cum onto and INTO her wide open pussy. The video is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

Dec 2013 03

My god, the tits on this girl. I knew this London hottie would be dirty and down to fuck the moment I got a good look at her. She went for a ride in the taxi and after a few minutes of playful banter I offered her a free ride if she showed me her tits. Once she did that, I knew I had her all the way. Within minutes I was burying my fat cock deep in her wet pussy in the back of the fake taxi. What a little minx! I finished up by shooting my hot load all over her shaved pussy and told her to find another way home!

Dec 2014 22

These two little tarts just got kicked off of a plane for lewd sexual conduct. What that means is they were playing lesbian in the bathroom and got a little too loud while they were fingering each others’ pussies. Well, one of these girls I’ve had the pleasure of fucking before, so it was no surprise to me when they both got in that I’d be fucking them. What was a surprise was just how nasty these two girls were. They both wanted me to fuck them in the ass, which I did, and they liked being fish hooked and slapped around while I pounded their tight holes. I finished up with a HUGE cum load for both of them. This is the hottest fuck I can remember having in a VERY long time!